John Mason Borders

Oh wow!! How cute is this little guy?? This is my BFF's (Emily Borders) new nephew!  Mason is right at about 2 months old.  I was able to meet Mason's older brother, Wilson, when he was about the same age, and have had the best time watching him grow.  If Mason turns out anything like his big brother, he will be extremely intelligent and too cute for words!  

Yeah, I guess one of these days this will be normal, but for now...wow...can't even imagine being in this phase!  But its fun to play :)  


Lauren and Mike

I had the pleasure of taking some engagement pictures for my friend Lauren Holder and her fiance Mike! Lauren and I went to high school together, but I think its been about that long since I've seen her.  Lauren moved up to Chicago a few years ago and met Mike at her first job! 

We took these in Nashville at Centennial Park! I very much enjoyed a change of scenery from my usual spots in Birmingham!

Mike, it was a pleasure to meet you! And Lauren...you look as beautiful as ever! Congrats on your engagement!


New Traditions!

So this year our family has decided to do something new for Christmas.   Rather than spending our money on each other, we have adopted one family in Nashville, and one in Bowling Green that we are going to bless on Christmas this year!  I am SO excited!!  After our Thanksgiving dinner last night, we got out the family's list and figured out a game plan.   Our mission today, on the dreaded "Black Friday," was to get everything on the list for our Nashville family.  So our small family of 7 loaded into 2 cars and headed to the wonderful world of Walmart!  Above is the pile of what we ended up with!  
Even though we won't be able to be with the family when they open these presents, it was fun watching each of my grandmothers, mom, dad and sister in law all get excited about what they were picking out for the family! I have a feeling it blessed our family as much, if not more, than the family that is receiving it!


Christmas card time!

It never fails! The week of Thanksgiving, and the two weeks following, everyone all of a sudden remembers that they need a photo for their Christmas cards!  I don't advertise alot for shooting pictures of children or family portraits, but as each year passes, that area of my business has taken off a little more than I had planned.  I've always said I don't love doing that type of photography as much as I do weddings, but the more I do it, the more I like it!

I hadn't planned on working today, but ended up booking a few sessions and had the best time! The weather was perfect, and these 2 little men below were a joy to work with!

Riley Brooke was so much fun! Boys don't always love having their pictures made, but he seemed to make a game out of everything we were doing, which made it fun for everyone!  His sweet aunt, Catherine Brooke is one of my favorite people in the whole world! She wasn't with us today, but Riley's pretty mom and sweet grandmother were there to help us all have a great time at Aldridge Gardens!

Meet Travis Pankey

Watching Travis Pankey grow has been such a treat for me! Not only because his mom, Amy Pankey, is one of my dearest friends...but I think I will give Travis credit for my growing enjoyment of taking pictures of children.  I actually met Travis the day after he was born and can't help but pull out my camera every time I visit his sweet mom! It has amazed me that every single time I have photographed this handsome little boy, he has been an angel!

It would be just plain wrong for me not to mention that his mother MADE this adorable little Christmas outfit! Seriously...the woman does it all!

Here I go...

So I guess its about time I give this whole blog thing a shot! Every other photographer I know has one, so I guess I better get on it!  I'm not sure who else will follow this other than my family, but just in case other people get interested, I'll try to make this fun! I'm going to try and post a picture every day.  I primarily shoot weddings, but between my job at Samford, engagement pictures, family pictures, pictures of my dog...I've got a good variety in the content of my photographs! So I guess this blog will challenge be creative every single day, even if I don't have an official "shoot." We'll see how long I keep up :)