Monthly highlights of 08!

Cute photo shoot with Travis Pankey
My birthday and a 1/2 marathon happened....but Sadie is cuter!
It snowed for a second in Bham...big deal!!
My brother got married!
I had a random Cinco de Mayo party!  Sharman, Kate, Ginny, Catherine, Carter, Glis and Johannah...my friends are the best!
UPPA trip to Auburn...these are some other female university photographers from across the country! Wild bunch...
Camp Loucon...my favorite place on the planet!
And Dana got married :) :)
Emily's 26th birthday..we both bowled a strike!
Got a softball team together.  Our team name was the Ballbusters.  And this picture was taken at Hooters.  Nothin but class!
Finished my 3rd marathon in Chicago...with a broken toe, while I was sick, in the 92 degree heat...fun? NOPE.
Ran a 1/2 marathon in Chattanooga with Johannah Paiva and Jason Gruner! Excellent run!
Cut down a Christmas tree :)


She Said Yes!!

Tonight I got to be a part of something so fun!  My good friend, Andrew Childers, proposed to his girlfriend Kirstein tonight.  As you can see from the photo above, he put alot of thought into this! He's into photography, so I wasn't too surprised that he asked me to come take pictures for him.  But this was a first for me, and I loved it!!

I can't remember when exactly Andrew and I got to be buddies, but he's one of my favorite people at Samford!  Through him I have gotten to know his now fiance, Kirstein, and she is a doll! Andrew was a Samford football stud who just graduated in December, and Kirstein was an amazing volleyball player who will graduate in the spring.  They have been together almost 3 years and I'm excited to hopefully be able to photograph their wedding...whenever that may be!

Congrats you guys! Made my night :)


Christmas Dinner at the Oak Room!

Houston Estes, Grant Jarnigan and I started a tradition last year.  We have designated The Oak Room bar and the Hermitage Hotel in downtown Nashville as our official Christmas dinner! My family always takes off to the beach on the day of Christmas, but there is something about spending 8 hours in the car on Christmas day that doesn't sound appealing! So...I usually stick around Bowling Green for the day with my grandmothers, and then drive to Nashville that night to meet Grant and Houston for dinner! Grant and Houston have been 2 of my best friends since the beginning of high school! There's something wonderful about being around people you have been friends with forever...you can say everything without having to really say anything at all!



Above are the three winners of the "Most Tacky outfit" from my Tacky Christmas Party on Thursday night! Catherine Brooke came in first place in the incredible denim jumper and keds.  Frank Adair was a close second with his "naughty" boxers and stark white tights.  And Sarah Carter was excited to place this year at third.  She informed me as she was leaving that if she hadn't won anything this year, she wasn't coming to the party again! 
This was the third annual Tacky Christmas party I have hosted, and the outfits seem to get a little better (worse) each year! I have a very random group of friends, so I feel like having an extremely casual party with everyone looking pretty ridiculous takes the pressure off when people come and don't really know anyone.  Its hard to act too cool when you're wearing a sweater vest :) I feel like my friends have now gotten used to the fact that when they show up at one of my parties, you have no idea who you are going to see.  Thats one of the things I like the most about my life! I love the variety of people that I am surrounded by.   I have my friends from college, from the Y, people I've worked with, dog park friends, couples whose weddings I have shot and gotten to be buddies with, friends I run with,  and some friends I'm not exactly sure how we met, but I'm sure glad we did! I'm not always sure everyone has as much fun as I do, but I just love having all of my favorite people in one place! And not much makes me happier than bringing a bunch of great people together in hopes that they will make a new friend!  So if you did or didn't make it out this year, my advice would be to hit up the after Christmas sales to find your outfit for next year! 


Habitat for Humanity House Dedication!

Although trying to be consistent with a blog is a little time consuming, I feel like it is forcing me to appreciate and really realize what a wonderful job I have! This morning was another great experience and blessing to me during this holiday season! My assignment today was to photograph the Habitat for Humanity house that Samford helped sponsor for "Home for the Holidays 2008." This entire house was built in 10 days for Jocelyn and her 4 year old daughter, Jaelyn. Mike Murphy from ABC33/40 presented Jocelyn with the keys to her new house, after Randy Pittman from Samford presented them with a bible. My favorite picture from the morning is the one above of little Jaelyn holding the keys to her new home in one hand, and gripping the bible with the other. Although I know she was very thankful and excited about her new house, I'm not sure she realizes at such a young age that this house was made possible through a handful of complete strangers who love the Lord. The volunteers most likely did not personally know Jocelyn or Jaelyn, but they wanted to help improve this mother and daughters by showing them the love of Jesus Christ through their act of service. Thank the Lord for these selfless volunteers!


I love Skinner!

I had the day off today, therefore I did not take any "official" pictures. Rarely do I go a day without having something for Samford, family pics, engagement pics, or a wedding to shoot....but today I had nothin! I know my big camera appreciated the day off as well! 

So, I'm dedicating today's entry to my new roommate,  Alison Skinner.   Skinner, or "Skin," as I like to call her, moved back to Birmingham and into my house last Friday.  Skinner and I met at Samford my sophomore year (she's a year younger than me) but it wasn't until the following year that we really got to be close friends.  After graduation she spent some time in Boston, then moved back home to Dallas for the last 2 years.  She's recently gotten back from a 3 month adventure in Morocco, and is now trying to figure out exactly what she is going to do now that she's back in Birmingham!  I'm almost positive she could dominate at absolutely any job thrown her way, so if you know of anything open, let me know! You'd be lucky to have her working for or with you!
I've lived by myself for the majority of the last 2.5 years (with the 3 month exception this fall of my fun roommate and fairly new friend, Corrie Jackson) and actually loved living alone.   I wasn't sure I'd be thrilled with a roommate, but after having Corrie around for 3 months, I realized that it was pretty darn nice having someone around at night when you are home! Sadie is a great companion, and although she makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis, its not quite as fun as hearing stories about someone else's day and being able to share whats going on in my life.  So although I was a little hesitant about having a roommate, I have always thought that if I could pick any of my friends to live with, I would pick Skinner.  I feel like we are very similar, yet very different at the same time.  I could go on and on about how wonderful she is, and how excited I am that she is living with me...but since she's not much into the mushy stuff, I'll just say, "Skin! You're my favorite and I'm so glad you are back in Birmingham!"

We've shared some fun experiences in Boston, Camp Loucon in Kentucky, St. Louis (is that where convention was??), Dallas, and I'm sure many others that are not coming to mind right now.  The picture above was taken of us last night at the BJCC where we went to see The Broadway play, Avenue Q. (excellent if you are not easily offended!) The one below is from the first night she was here after we ate at California Pizza Kitchen and then made an appearance at Twist and Shout! Yay for fun times ahead with my new roomie :)


Meeting the Governor

I think my favorite part about being a photographer is that no day and no exact assignment is ever repeated! Today one of my Samford assignments, but not technically a Samford assignment, was to photograph the Chamber of Commerce Annual meeting in downtown Homewood. I wish I could say that I was enlightened and moved by what he had to say, but this dumb cold I have, combined with not much sleep last night, kept my entire focus on keeping myself awake! So although I am not able to give you a brilliant response to his speech, it was still pretty cool to be in the presence of The Honorable Bob Riley.


Santa Baby

Two of my favorite people brought one of the most precious little girls into this world a little over a year ago! Meredith and Allen were my neighbors when I first moved into my townhouse a little over 2 years ago! They lived two doors down, and I think our dogs became friends before we did! So we'll thank Barkley and Sadie for starting a great friendship!

They have since moved away, but I am thankful they are still a part of my life, and that I am going to be able to watch this little one grow! Expect to see plenty more photos of this sweet little face on my blog in the future!

The one above is my favorite! She's got them BOTH wrapped around her little fingers!!


Shelley and Michael

I drove to Cullman this afternoon to shoot my last wedding of 2008! What a wonderful couple to finish off an excellent year! Shelley and Michael were high school sweethearts and have been together for the last 8 years! They got married at Christ Covernant Presbyterian Church in Cullman.

It was pretty chilly outside, but the sweet bridesmaids were troopers and braved the cold to go outside for a little while to get some fun shots! These girls were particularly fun for me to shoot because some were sorority sisters of mine from Samford. I shot Sarah Schmidt's (far left) wedding this summer in Nashville, and as always it was a joy to see her!

Shelley and Michael chose not to see each other before the ceremony, but wanted a picture of the two of them holding hands. I typically do this around a door, but the stone outside was so pretty I had to make it happen. I'm pretty sure I made Shelley incredibly nervous with this shot, but surely she had faith in me that I wouldn't ruin her moment!

She's seriously stunning!

The reception was at a place called Windbrook. It was a renovated barn that was absolutely beautiful! If you're planning a wedding in Cullman, I would definitely check it out!

I hope you two have a great week in Jamaica, and a wonderful holiday season together!