SPRY magazine photoshoot

Did you know that Alabama is currently ranked top three in the nation for having the highest prevalence rate of overweight and obesity, diabetes, and hypertension? One of the many interesting things I learned on my photoshoot yesterday for SPRY magazine!

I rarely shoot for magazines.  And by rarely I mean never! I worked at Health magazine for a year after I got out of school and I think the only thing I shot was deck of cards for the Products section...nothin to brag about!  But, I was the photo intern, so at that point I was pretty excited to be taking pictures of anything if it was published!

One of the former section editors at Health moved to Nashville and has taken over SPRY magazine.  I saw her at the Y in Birmingham a few weeks ago and she asked me if I'd be interested in shooting for her magazine. Of course my answer was yes!

Christy Swaid, a Birmingham resident, is being featured on the cover of the March issue.  I had to adjust my eye a little when taking these portraits of her for the cover.  Knowing that you have to leave room in the frame for the name of the magazine at the top, and different cutlines on the edges of the picture, its not the way I would normally choose to fill the frame of a picture when shooting weddings or other portraits.  As much as I like to do things my way, it was a fun challenge to try to make something new work for a change! 

After taking Christy's picture for the cover, I went over to her house to take some "action shots" of her playing with her kids for the inside of the magazine.  They were awesome!  I ended up staying a few extra minutes to play a round of "scooter robber" with them! (which involved me attempting to ride a skateboard in my cowboy boots I happened to be wearing!)

Listening to Christy talk about her efforts to help decrease the obesity rate in Birmingham, and all around Alabama was impressive and inspiring!  HEAL seems like an incredible organization that would be incredibly rewarding to participate in.  Check out their site if you're bored..

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Cheryl said...

I don't know you, but I read the article about Christy in SPRYLIVING.com magazine. Your pictures are amazing.