Tori and Nathan!

I usually don't travel for engagement pictures, but Tori Stedman holds a special place in my heart so I made it happen!

Tori and I played volleyball together in high school.  I'm almost positive I haven't laid eyes on her since I graduated from FRA, but I swear it felt like yesterday! She was one of my favorite people and I wish we'd stayed in better touch.  I was happy to know that she knew I was in the wedding business and has trusted me with her pictures on her wedding day!

Tori and Nathan met at Western in Bowling Green, KY at a fraternity party! They dated for about 4 years and have been engaged a little over a year! I know they are both excited for May to come so they can be living in the same city again!

So we had fun walking around 2nd Avenue in Nashville and taking pictures whenever we saw something cool!

Fun day! Fun city! Fun couple! Can't wait til their wedding!

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Rhonda said...

I love them Ann Wade!