Hannah Grace and Mona!

I had the honor of taking pictures of Hannah Grace and her mom, Mona, on Friday afternoon in Nashville.  Hannah Grace emailed me a few weeks ago asking if we could set up a little photoshoot sometime.  So we spent about an hour walking around Centennial Park finding some great spots for pictures!

This was such a sweet time for the two of them! Made me want to find someone to take pictures of me and my mom!

Truly a blessing to me!

Pretty Mona!

Sexy Hannah Grace :)


Rhonda said...

Those are great! Did you get around the $250 photog fee at Centennial? (we have done that a couple times, shhh) Those also make me want pics with my mama :)

Daniel, Ashley, & Aubrey said...

Awww...makes me miss my mom!!! Such a great idea around Mother's Day.

Gorgeous shots, by the way! :)