Cassie and Ronnie!

I had the opportunity to travel to Chattanooga last Saturday 
and be a part of Cassie and Ronnie's big day!  They got married in a 
sweet little white chapel on the grounds of the Chickamauga battlefields.
Cassie and Ronnie met at the University of Tennessee and are
planning to live in Knoxville once they get back from their
nice honeymoon in the mountains!
A few blocks away from the church was a neat little downtown
area where we had fun in front of the little shops, and then of course
on the railroad tracks.  Ronnie didn't seem extremely thrilled about
having his picture made...until he saw the trains! All of a sudden he 
was all about climbing onto the trains in order to take a cool picture!
(which if you look close enough, you will be more impressed with his
climbing skills...considering he is wearing a CAST on his left arm after
breaking his wrist a few weeks before the wedding!)  He made it a point 
to tell me that he got a black cast so that it would match his tux!
Below is Cassie with a few of her bridesmaids taking a stroll down 
the street! The bridesmaid in pink is one of my closest friends, Johannah 
Paiva.  I'd met Cassie a few times, but then really got to know her
when she spent the summer living with Johannah and her husband Luke
in Birmingham.   So although I tend to NOT book weddings on holiday 
weekends, because they are dear friends, I genuinely wanted to be a part
of their big day!


Anonymous said...

Love that doorway shot!


Anonymous said...

Hey Cassie and Ronnie,
We loved this slide show almost made us cry it looked like a beautiful wedding .Sorry we couldn't be there. Congratulation!
love yas
Rick,Diana and Mel