Tori and Nathan got married!

Again, my apologies for not updating since last Thursday! I've been on the move! I was in Nashville Thurs-Sunday shooting engagement pictures and 2 weddings.  Sunday I headed to Memphis for 2 days to shoot quite a few ADORABLE kids!!  So...here's round one of my Tennessee Travels!

You may remember seeing Tori and Nathan's engagement pictures that we took in downtown Nashville a few months ago! Well, last Saturday they made it officially official at this awesome venue right outside of Nashville called Cedarwood!  When I drove up, I couldn't have been more excited about all the potential photo opps!

It down-poured all Saturday morning, but luckily the sun came out just in time! (that was the case for BOTH of my weddings this weekend....nothing but rain in the forecast and I ended up getting lucky both days!)

This mansion has a great, southern feel to it, with cool details like mason jars hanging from the trees out front! I LOVED this!  It look especially cool when the sun went down!

Cute bridesmaids!

Tori was one of my favorite people in high school, and I enjoyed so much getting to spend the day with her and her sweet family!

How photogenic is she?!?!

Notice her FUN shoes!!

Clearly they had fun, which made me have fun, which made for a perfect night all around!!

I've never had the chance to work with a swing....that was FUN! Tori was a champ and just hopped on up there like it was no big deal!  I love girls who are willing to do whatever for a cute picture!

Just chillin on the front lawn of the mansion...on a couch...in their wedding clothes! Loved it!

Not many people could pull off wearing a feather in their head...but I thought she worked it like a champ!

They had a photobooth set up for guests to get in and take their picture!  2 copies would come out.  One for the guest to keep, and the other was taped into a scrapbook where they signed their name and wrote a note to Tori and Nathan! What a GREAT idea! Tori and Nathan were cute, but I think my favorite was watching her and her sweet grandmother get in there! Priceless!

Their band was phenomenal!! I'm almost positive their name was "The Valentine's."  Tori and Nathan both had a blast dancing all night long!

And they're off....to Mexico, and then headed back home to pack up and move to Washington where Nathan is stationed!  I LOVED being a part of your day Tori! You are the best!!


Brandon, Stacey and Bailey said...

Love these AWP! So jealous of that location!

Marilyn said...

BEAUTIFUL photos of a WONDERFUL night! So much fun and I enjoyed it so much!!