Sarah Neal!

So I was doing a little facebook stalking last week and came across some pictures that one of my previous brides had posted of her little angel! I immediately sent her a message and asked her if I could take pictures of her baby girl!

This is sweet Sarah Neal! (Of course I love the double name!) Sarah Neal is about 14 months old, and is little miss independent!  She was all about sitting by herself and exploring every little thing at the Botanical Gardens.  Its pretty fun to watch how fascinated a kid can be at something as simple as a pine cone!

Her sweet Mom, Evie, was one of my favorite brides to work with! I shot her and Chris' wedding in 2006 (right??)  It is a wedding I distinctly remember thinking that they just seemed to have so much fun together! And from what I could tell from our little outing today, Evie seems to have so much fun with her little girl!

Sarah Neal continued the streak of amazingly well-behaved kids I have been photographing lately!

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taylor said...

So cute! Ann Wade you truly have a gift- and cute subjects too! :) i want to get you to do pictures of my two when they are a little older!!!!