The McKinneys

I had the chance to travel to Jackson, MS this past Saturday to photograph Ryan and Genevieve's wedding.  I met Ryan a few years ago in Nashville through my brother.  Bo and Ryan share their passion for competing in Ironman races, and other triathalons all over the country!  Genevieve and Ryan both told me that Ryan had only 2 requests for this wedding: a pig at the rehearsal dinner, and choosing the photographer.  I love working for people who are excited to have me there!

Saturday was the first chance I had to meet Genevieve.  I told her, and I will say again that she got ready faster than any bride I have ever worked with! She was a little late getting to the church because of a delayed hair appointment (which happens more often than not it seems!).  But I'm telling you what, this girl walked into the church dressed like everyone else, and in less than 5 minutes she transformed herself into an incredibly beautiful bride!

The ceremony was held at Genevieve's home church, and in the chapel where she said she used to sneak off during  sunday school and just admire the little chapel!  We all traveled to the bride's parents house for a beautiful reception on the lake. 

I'm pretty sure he is trying to look up her dress in this one :)

Cheers to the bride and groom!


Katie Walden said...

What church were you at? I was in Jackson this weekend too, visiting the family! We were in the same place and didn't even know it?!?!

Victoria and Harry Jacobs said...

Congratulations to a beautiful couple and a new generation in our family, from your California cousins.