Natalie and John are engaged!

Natalie and John got into Birmingham at 9am ready for their engagement pics! Not only impressive that they had already driven over 2 hours that morning, but they had been out late the night before at the Braves vs. Red Sox game in Atlanta! (as was I!) Out late, long early morning car ride, and they still managed to look awesome!

Natalie and John went to high school together in GA, but didn't really get to know each other until they were out of college! They have been together almost four years and will be getting married this October in Atlanta! Natalie and I were sorority sisters in college and have remained friends over the last few years! Again, love seeing my friends so happy and in love!!

John was like most of the guys that I shoot, in that he was not a fan of being in front of the camera! But once we let him put his hat on, he was much more in his element! And hey, I'm up for it on wedding day if Natalie can handle it :)

John used one of my favorite quotes that morning when he asked me to help him look his best because he completely "out kicked his coverage" with Natalie. I love that! Proud of his woman!

Hope you enjoy the pics! I had alot of fun with you two!


dhfloyd said...

Wow! The pictures are amazing. You both looked great and so happy. Anne did a great job - wedding pictures should be awesome! Love you Mom

Joyelynn said...

Wow -
You guys look so cute and so happy. I love the sweet kissing one! Too adorable...I am so happy for you both...love you, Joye