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I'm SORRY to those of you giving me a hard time for disappearing from my blogging duties! I think the long break got me out of the habit and its been hard to get myself back on track.  I do have lots to share, so plan to be entertained daily from now on...or at least until I head to the beach for the fourth!  The picture above was taken on day 4 at camp.  Completely exhausted, but having just about as much fun as I did when I was 8 years old! Camp Loucon is still my favorite place on the planet!

Of course I was so excited to be there the first night! Just an overwhelming sense of peace when I set foot there.  Its weird.  No...its not weird.  Its God.  The very first night we had our first worship service with the junior high campers.   We sang a couple of songs, finishing with "Here I am to Worship."  I immediately got teary watching these sweet young kids singing their hearts out.  I knew at that moment that was exactly where God wanted me to be.   I knew it was going to be a great week!

Below was my home last week.  Cabin Number 3.  Not exactly the Ritz, but it could've been much worse!  Alot of the cabins have been renovated over the years, but this set has not...and I kinda like it that way! I had 11 sweet girls from all over small town Kentucky calling me "Mama Root Beer" all week long.  This was the first year I worked with Middle Schoolers.   Everyone gave me the sympathetic, "oh you're brave" look when I told them I was gonna be working with the Junior High Camp.  I knew it would be a challenge, but it ended up being better than I had anticipated.  Of course there were a few girls that were hard to handle....as in I say "go left" and they go right...EVERY time.   But it only took 2 days to learn that the 2 girls that were the hardest to handle were the ones whose home lives were the worst.  I led a bible study with just my cabin each morning after breakfast.  I learned that one of these girls' step dad knocked out her front tooth when she was younger...and the other girl's mom left her one day and never came back! Wow.  So after hearing those stories I decided to quit trying to discipline these girls and just love on them.  Thats the sole reason they were acting up, so as much as I wanted to throw them across the room numerous times a day, I just took a deep breath and gave them a hug instead! The Lord continues to teach me patience! 

Oh....and the best way to end the week was waking up the last morning with a MOUSE in my bed! Yeah....UGH!!!!!

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