Emerson DeLaMare

Moments that I genuinely want a baby at this time in my life are few and far between. (I'll work on gettin a good man first!) However, looking at these first 2 pictures of precious little Emerson...wow! How could you not want a sweet little angel like this? She is absolutely adorable!

These sweet little feet belong to my good friend's 2 month old daughter, Emerson DeLaMare. Emerson's mom, Lindsey Bell DeLaMare, was my "big sister" in my sorority at Samford. Lindsey and her husband Tommy live in Pensacola, so I was able to drive over on the last day of my weekend at the beach and finally meet this little lady!

Lindsey and I had tried to set up some pregnancy pictures, but we couldn't quite get our schedules to work...but luckily this time around we were able to make it happen!

Unfortunately Emerson's dad had to go to work, but we took advantage and got some extra sweet "mommy and baby girl" pictures. I can only hope that these pictures will end up in a slideshow at Emerson's rehearsal dinner one day!

Emerson's grandmother made this cute little yellow outfit she is wearing in most of the pictures! Impressive!

Thanks, Lindsey, for letting me come take pictures of your little angel! I'm excited to watch her grow and hopefully photograph her again as she gets older!


Riherd Family said...

You are incredible. If I could clone you, I would. The original Ann Wade could stay in Birmingham, while the cloned version lived here in OKC.

Maile said...

you are so talented! It was fun to watch you work, and even fun-er to hang out with you while you did!