A little somethin different!

A previous manager at the Abercrombie and Fitch store at the Summit asked me about a year ago to photograph eight of his staff members for them to submit in a contest. I think I have it right in saying that every store has the opportunity to submit a photo in hopes to be published in a little booklet that they may be spotted as potential models for the ANF catalogue. Anyway, they made it to the final round last year, but are determined to make the cut this time!

So I met this crew up at the Summit store last night to take a few group shots of them to submit. They are required to all be in the same clothes, and must be in front of this big sign at the front of their store. There wasn't a whole lot of room for creativity in such a small space, but I think we got a few good ones! (I have no idea why it is underlining everything I type, and I hope NO idea how to fix it! Ugh!)

And then just for kicks we took one outside of the store, because we all know I am a fan of outside photos!! I'll let you know if they make it in the book. And hey, you never know...could lead to some more shoot with ANF in the future for me!

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Kathryn & Amber said...

this brings back memories! too bad you weren't around six years ago when mark and i were brand reps for a&f and just strated dating! good luck!