Lola Dane'e is already 6 months old!!

Sweet little Lola just keeps getting more adorable! You may remember her sweet face from a few months back! She turned 6 months old a few days ago, and for our first round of pictures she was sporting this orange shirt that read "Fat and Happy!" Those cheeks are incredible!!

Lola's mom, Amber, made this cute tutu, Lola's shoes, and the adorable barrette in her hair! I was a huge fan of the tutu, and I'm pretty sure Lola was as well!

6 months is such a fun age! The little ones are now able to hold their head up, which gives me lots more options for pictures!!

I think they are in love!!

Lola's creative mom made these shoes and all these other cool things! Check em out!!

They've both perfected the looking away model shot...she's gonna be just like her momma :)

Can't wait til the next time...loved seeing you two as always!!

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Amber McGinnis said...

LOVE it! Love you! Can't wait to see the rest. Ps. Add an 'e for dane'e.