Tylka Family

I got to spend the weekend of the 4th down at my parents place in Blue Mountain Beach. We have become great friends with some of our neighbors down there, and this year they asked me to take some photographs of the kids on the beach! So the kids were troopers and woke up at 7am so we could beat the crowds on the beach!

They apparently forgot to pack outfits that would match, so they just decided on taking pictures of them in their bathing suits instead...which I thought was fun!

Its fun watching Riley and Nik interact. Although they pick at each other like every brother and sister, you can tell that they absolutely adore each other and are best buddies!

After they "posed" for me, we got to have some fun and just play in the ocean!

All the cousins having a big time!

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These are great pics, Ann Wade! I definitely still want to get together for Garrett's pics sometime!