Takin one for the team

Samford Softball is in full effect.  I showed up to the game yesterday afternoon thinking I'd spend about an hour and walk off with some excellent new shots for their team!  In addition to the pictures, I also walked off with a HUGE knot on my shin!! This ball you see the pitcher throwing went straight from her hand to my shin! OW!!!!! 
See....There was a table set up in "my spot" where I feel like I can get the best angle for pitching shots.  So, in order to do what I needed to do, I sat under the table, right behind the plate.  Well there is a net...not a fence, but a net...behind the plate.  Unfortunately the catcher let one go by, and BOOM goes the dynamite...
I guess it could've been worse...coulda hit my face!!


Lauren and Craig

Wow! Sorry I've been slacking on my blogging lately! Being in Vegas last week threw me off a little, but I promise to be back on it! 

This afternoon I got to take Lauren and Craig's engagement pictures! Lauren, or "Little Woodburn, " as I like to call her, is a sweet friend of mine!  One of the first things they told me when they got out of the car was that they "both hated having their pictures made."

 I always like it when people say this to me because I see it as a challenge.  It's my job to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera, and try to let them enjoy the experience!

I'm pretty sure they both look fabulous in the pictures, and I hope they will now be EXCITED about having their pictures made on their wedding day!   They are getting married in August in Gulf Shores.  Can't WAIT!  I get to go to "work" at the beach for the weekend.  Nice.


Interview with Patsy Riley

It really is a small world! So, today's interview with Patsy Riley, the governor's (whom I shot back in December) wife, is going along with a series next to the one I shot yesterday with Bart Star. They are promoting the HEAL program, which is the same program I photographed a magazine cover shoot for last month! So apparently I should apply to be the HEAL full time photographer, considering I have shot the cover for a magazine and now documentation of their video series! Weird how my "freelance photography" world and my Samford photography jobs are colliding! Did that make sense?
Anyway, I find it highly impressive how she came onto campus with her entourage, but then told everyone to "clear the room" once we were about to start. I was borderline nervous she was talking to me too! Luckily a big camera makes you look official, so she didn't give me the boot. BUT, I did have instructions to not take her picture while she was talking...which my assignment for this was to get pictures of her being interviewed....hmmmm


Interview with Bart Star

So I stand corrected on my last post....apparently there are a few guys out there that read my blog! So...here's another one for you!
The Education school at Samford is doing an interview series of some sort, so I had to take pictures of Bart Star being interviewed for our publications. I won't lie. I knew I'd heard his name, but knew no details on this man. After hearing him talk about his Super Bowl II ring he was wearing, it peaked my interest to do a little research on him once I got back to my office. Wow! I was in the presence of an NFL star and didn't even realize! He won 2 Super Bowls while playing for the Packers, but chooses to wear this Super Bowl II ring because its the only super bowl ring made with 3 diamonds across the top...hmmm...guess I should've gotten his autograph while I was there! He did offer me a bottle of water and some grapes...does that count for something??


Football Signing Day

I'm almost positive that there are no males that read this blog, so for those of you girls out there that do, I'll fill you in that today was college football signing day. Samford's head football coach, Pat Sullivan, announced the signing of 10 players for the 2009 football season. Everyone excited??? Now if we can only get some support like we did at the Davidson basketball game, we'd be in business. Just wait until 2010 when we play Auburn. Yeah, seriously!


Its my birthday

So I'm 27 today. I'm trying to think of something exciting about being 27...but I'm at a loss. I feel like 26 still sounds like you're young and in your "mid 20s," but twenty SEVEN? Now there's no escaping that you're "late twenties"....close to 30. What?? How did this happen?? How am I already 27? I honestly still feel like I'm about 20!

I don't know whats ahead, but I do know that I've been extremely blessed over the last 27 years. I can't wait to see what God has in store for my life for the next 27 years!

So in honor of 27, I'll list 27 things I am thankful for:

(when I have more time!)


School Spirit!!

Believe it or not, these photos were taken at a SAMFORD athletic event!! I was so proud of Samford on Saturday! Not only the fact that they only lost to Davidson by 3 points, but the support of the students and community were outstanding! The 2 year old Pete Hanna Center, which seats 5,000, brought out 5,116 fans for the game! Granted, I'm sure that plenty of people came primarily to see Stephen Curry. But who cares! They filled up the arena and allowed me to get some great shots which rarely happen at samford sporting events.
If only this were the norm...

I did enjoy watching this kid playing, knowing he's gonna be big time sooner rather than later!


Jessie and Woody

I got to take Jessie and Woody's engagement pictures on Sunday morning at the Aldridge Gardens!  I had decided about a month ago that I was not going to book any more weddings in 09 until October.  I've got 21 booked and only want to book 4 more for the year.  BUT...
I shot Jessie's older sister's wedding in 2007 and loved her family.  Plus, its at the beach, so you can't beat that! So I said sign me up!  And I'm so glad I did! I didn't really get to know Jessie at her sister's wedding, but her and Woody put me in a good mood on Sunday morning!

They were so much fun to photograph, and so clearly happy and in love!  One of those couples that make me love my job!

So...I look forward to seeing you guys in July!