Tori and Nathan!

I usually don't travel for engagement pictures, but Tori Stedman holds a special place in my heart so I made it happen!

Tori and I played volleyball together in high school.  I'm almost positive I haven't laid eyes on her since I graduated from FRA, but I swear it felt like yesterday! She was one of my favorite people and I wish we'd stayed in better touch.  I was happy to know that she knew I was in the wedding business and has trusted me with her pictures on her wedding day!

Tori and Nathan met at Western in Bowling Green, KY at a fraternity party! They dated for about 4 years and have been engaged a little over a year! I know they are both excited for May to come so they can be living in the same city again!

So we had fun walking around 2nd Avenue in Nashville and taking pictures whenever we saw something cool!

Fun day! Fun city! Fun couple! Can't wait til their wedding!


Jason and Blair

Late night, but here's a little preview to hold you over!
Jason and Blair got married at Southside Baptist Church, the same place Jason proposed!


Sarah Hamm Higginbotham

I shot these bridal portraits of Sarah a few weeks before her wedding.  Didn't want to post them in case anyone she knows checks this blog....but I thought they were worth putting up! Beautiful dress. Beautiful bride!


Mrs. and Mrs. Stephens!

Sorry I've been slacking this week on my "daily" posts! I've been busting it to get this slideshow finished for Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Stephens! 

I shot some bridal portraits this week in Alexander City, but clearly I can't post those because that would ruin the suspense for the bride-to-be! So...for today, enjoy watching Jeff and Ashley.  Their day was truly a blessing!


Jeff and Ashley got Married!!

Ashley Crafton married Jeff Stephens today at Mathews Manor.  Mathews Manor is one of my favorite places to shoot weddings in Birmingham.  I like it because there are lots of different beautiful areas around the building to take pictures! I think this was my 5th or 6th wedding at Mathews Manor.  Anyway....

Ashley and Jeff chose to see each other before the wedding.  After a few long hugs and shedding a few sweet tears, they sat down to say a prayer and bless this exciting day in their life. Beautiful moment for a beautiful photograph!

This photo cracked me up! Jeff and his brother were sitting in their room waiting for the ceremony to begin.   The phone kept ringing, so eventually Jeff just decided to start answering! He gave quite a few guests directions to the venue, and also fielded a call from another bride who was interested in booking Mathews Manor for her wedding!

There is a significance to the single red rose in Ashley's bouquet.  I'm sure I will mess up the story, but from what I remember, Jeff had never given a girl a red rose until he proposed to Ashley.    There's something special about making sure things are different when you've found THE one!

They were pretty excited after the minister pronounced them "man and wife!"

Jeff is from Memphis, and happens to be a huge fan.  Funny how their ceremony started at 2pm, and the tip off for the Memphis basketball game was at 2:30! (I think I only heard him ask a groomsmen for the score once during the reception!)

And they're off to Playa Del Carmen, Mexcio! What a wonderful day!