Elizabeth and Chris Preview!

I spent my third weekend in a row in Nashville last Saturday shooting Elizabeth and Chris Collins' wedding. I am not completely finished with the pictures, but the sweet couple is waiting a few weeks before they go on their honeymoon, and I know I have a bride who is anxious to see some pictures, so here you go sweet girl!

I have to say that this was one of the most fun weddings I have shot in a while. Elizabeth was a bridesmaid in Aubrey Naish West's wedding that I shot in 2007. I can' tell you how great it made me feel when I got to the church and she was genuinely excited to see me, as all her bridesmaids seemed to be! What a great feeling to know they were excited I was there! Makes me want to do job the absolute best I possibly can!

This beautiful wedding was held at Woodmont Christian Church, and the reception following at the University Club. Beautiful locations, beautiful bridesmaids, groomsmen that wanted to murder me for making them go outside, trolly ride (in which I almost fell out the window!!!) from the ceremony to the reception, great band....all around a fabulous celebration!

Slideshow soon to follow...hope these hold you over for now!


Natalie and John are engaged!

Natalie and John got into Birmingham at 9am ready for their engagement pics! Not only impressive that they had already driven over 2 hours that morning, but they had been out late the night before at the Braves vs. Red Sox game in Atlanta! (as was I!) Out late, long early morning car ride, and they still managed to look awesome!

Natalie and John went to high school together in GA, but didn't really get to know each other until they were out of college! They have been together almost four years and will be getting married this October in Atlanta! Natalie and I were sorority sisters in college and have remained friends over the last few years! Again, love seeing my friends so happy and in love!!

John was like most of the guys that I shoot, in that he was not a fan of being in front of the camera! But once we let him put his hat on, he was much more in his element! And hey, I'm up for it on wedding day if Natalie can handle it :)

John used one of my favorite quotes that morning when he asked me to help him look his best because he completely "out kicked his coverage" with Natalie. I love that! Proud of his woman!

Hope you enjoy the pics! I had alot of fun with you two!


Ann Claire and Will preview...

Oh my gosh..its been TWO weeks since I shot this wedding and am just now posting a few pictures! I PROMISE there will be more to come because this wedding was too beautiful not to share with you guys!

Here are just 3 of my favorites from their big day!


Still my favorite...

I'm SORRY to those of you giving me a hard time for disappearing from my blogging duties! I think the long break got me out of the habit and its been hard to get myself back on track.  I do have lots to share, so plan to be entertained daily from now on...or at least until I head to the beach for the fourth!  The picture above was taken on day 4 at camp.  Completely exhausted, but having just about as much fun as I did when I was 8 years old! Camp Loucon is still my favorite place on the planet!

Of course I was so excited to be there the first night! Just an overwhelming sense of peace when I set foot there.  Its weird.  No...its not weird.  Its God.  The very first night we had our first worship service with the junior high campers.   We sang a couple of songs, finishing with "Here I am to Worship."  I immediately got teary watching these sweet young kids singing their hearts out.  I knew at that moment that was exactly where God wanted me to be.   I knew it was going to be a great week!

Below was my home last week.  Cabin Number 3.  Not exactly the Ritz, but it could've been much worse!  Alot of the cabins have been renovated over the years, but this set has not...and I kinda like it that way! I had 11 sweet girls from all over small town Kentucky calling me "Mama Root Beer" all week long.  This was the first year I worked with Middle Schoolers.   Everyone gave me the sympathetic, "oh you're brave" look when I told them I was gonna be working with the Junior High Camp.  I knew it would be a challenge, but it ended up being better than I had anticipated.  Of course there were a few girls that were hard to handle....as in I say "go left" and they go right...EVERY time.   But it only took 2 days to learn that the 2 girls that were the hardest to handle were the ones whose home lives were the worst.  I led a bible study with just my cabin each morning after breakfast.  I learned that one of these girls' step dad knocked out her front tooth when she was younger...and the other girl's mom left her one day and never came back! Wow.  So after hearing those stories I decided to quit trying to discipline these girls and just love on them.  Thats the sole reason they were acting up, so as much as I wanted to throw them across the room numerous times a day, I just took a deep breath and gave them a hug instead! The Lord continues to teach me patience! 

Oh....and the best way to end the week was waking up the last morning with a MOUSE in my bed! Yeah....UGH!!!!!


I'm goin to camp!!

You'll have to excuse my absence next week on my blogging...but I'm going to CAMP! I couldn't be more excited! I was a camper at Camp Loucon for the first time when I was 8 years old, and have yet to miss a summer since! This will be my NINETEENTH year at camp! Wow...Thats crazy! I was a camper up until I was in high school, and have gone back as a counselor for a week each summer since I was in college.  

Loucon is a Methodist camp located in Leitchfield, KY.  As silly as it may sound, I kinda refer to Loucon as my "happy place."  Its where I credit the foundation for my relationship with God.  I not only learned more about Him through the bible studies and worship services, but also really learned what it meant to experience Him, and make Him a part of my daily life.  As a camper I looked up to the counselors and staff members as I watched them just love life.  It took me a few summers to "get it."  I didn't understand exactly what it was that was making them so happy, but all I knew is what I wanted what they had.  Through conversations and prayer with those staff members and counselors, I learned that their happiness came from within, and from living your life with one goal in mind...to please the Lord.   So, it is my hope going back each summer that I will be able to pour into the campers like I was poured in to for so many years.  And not only will I have the chance to hopefully pour into them, but I am positive they will bless my life as well. 

In addition to the awesome worship and prayer time I know we will have, we will also be having a ball doing things like canoeing, hiking, folk dancing, hayrides, campfires, high ropes course, swimming, zipline....oh and sleeping with spiders and showering with multiple moths and beetles at my feet....i CAN'T WAIT!

I took these 2 pictures last summer.  The one above is of my friend Jason leading a small worship service with our campers.  And the one below is one of my favorite pictures.  Not only because I think its kinda artsy and cool-lookin, but seeing it takes me back to camp.  I was on a hike with our campers on our way to one of our fun activities, and I just happened to look down and see this on the ground.  Just a little reminder of why we were put on this earth. 

So anyway, I'm leaving on Sunday and will be there until Friday....til next time...


The McKinneys

I had the chance to travel to Jackson, MS this past Saturday to photograph Ryan and Genevieve's wedding.  I met Ryan a few years ago in Nashville through my brother.  Bo and Ryan share their passion for competing in Ironman races, and other triathalons all over the country!  Genevieve and Ryan both told me that Ryan had only 2 requests for this wedding: a pig at the rehearsal dinner, and choosing the photographer.  I love working for people who are excited to have me there!

Saturday was the first chance I had to meet Genevieve.  I told her, and I will say again that she got ready faster than any bride I have ever worked with! She was a little late getting to the church because of a delayed hair appointment (which happens more often than not it seems!).  But I'm telling you what, this girl walked into the church dressed like everyone else, and in less than 5 minutes she transformed herself into an incredibly beautiful bride!

The ceremony was held at Genevieve's home church, and in the chapel where she said she used to sneak off during  sunday school and just admire the little chapel!  We all traveled to the bride's parents house for a beautiful reception on the lake. 

I'm pretty sure he is trying to look up her dress in this one :)

Cheers to the bride and groom!


Sarah Neal!

So I was doing a little facebook stalking last week and came across some pictures that one of my previous brides had posted of her little angel! I immediately sent her a message and asked her if I could take pictures of her baby girl!

This is sweet Sarah Neal! (Of course I love the double name!) Sarah Neal is about 14 months old, and is little miss independent!  She was all about sitting by herself and exploring every little thing at the Botanical Gardens.  Its pretty fun to watch how fascinated a kid can be at something as simple as a pine cone!

Her sweet Mom, Evie, was one of my favorite brides to work with! I shot her and Chris' wedding in 2006 (right??)  It is a wedding I distinctly remember thinking that they just seemed to have so much fun together! And from what I could tell from our little outing today, Evie seems to have so much fun with her little girl!

Sarah Neal continued the streak of amazingly well-behaved kids I have been photographing lately!

This is fun!

Featured Nashville wedding


Puppies at the Park!

Even on days when I don't have to "work," I'm still itchin to get out there and take some pictures....I guess thats a good sign that I love what I do, huh?  I'm pretty sure I have featured Sadie on here in the past, but she hasn't had a shout out in a while, so I thought I'd take my camera up to the park today and capture my little girl playin with her friends!

Yep...thats my girl! She can get vicious sometimes! Although it looks like Dixie is trying to bite her face off, they are having so much fun!!

This is Sadie's BFF, Audrey!

And the pretty Weim below is their friend, Rosie!

It's borderline ridiculous how much I love this dog! She never fails to put a smile on my face...every single day...usually multiple times a day! Thank God for dogs and their unconditional love!


More of Sweet Hannah!

We made a mad dash to the Botanical Gardens yesterday afternoon hoping to beat the thunderstorms in the forecast!  Luckily it only took a few minutes for sweet Hannah to warm up to the camera! This is (I think) the 3rd time I've taken pictures of this little lady! I absolutely love having the opportunity to watch my friends' kids grow up, and get to capture them at different stages of their childhood!

Could this face BE any cuter?? Seriously...I think I love Hannah!!

Last time I shot Hannah she fell down, but after a few quick tears and a piece of candy, she was right back up! Well, we had a little oops yesterday, which she handled like a champ again!  Sorry, even when she's not posing she is precious!

Hannah is a little over 2 years old now! Her mom, Carlie, told me today that she luckily hasn't hit the "terrible twos."  I mean, I know I don't have kids so I don't really know the deal, but its hard to imagine this little face turning into a terror! We'll keep our fingers crossed she stays as sweet as she is now :)

This little girl's laugh completely made my afternoon! 

It's tiring being a rock star!
And here's a behind the scenes look at her mom's version of the photoshoot